CPIM vs Congress: CPM seeks explanation for Bikasharanjan’s post in Congress, future of alliance in question

#Kolkata: The CPM-Congress has been embroiled in controversy over the Facebook post of CPM Rajya Sabha MP Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya. Rob in the political arena, the nail in the coffin of the alliance is Putlenbikash Bhattacharya. The CPM on behalf of the Forward Bloc is the Congress and the ISA are the two crunch parties. Courtesy. Allegedly, Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya has used the word ‘Congress goonda’ in his memoirs of the Saibari incident. Whether Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya is preparing to leave the party or whether he is going to break the alliance due to this harshness is the reason for the rumors. Meanwhile, the provincial Congress has also sent a letter directly to the CPM asking for an explanation of the incident.

The state Congress has written a letter to CPM state secretary Suryakant Mishra saying they are aware of Bikash Bhattacharya’s post. The phrase used in that post about the Congress could tarnish the image of the Congress across the country. So this post is clearly insulting to the Congress. In this situation, the Congress wants to know the party position of the CPM. The letter clearly states that the Congress family is feeling humiliated by this incident. The provincial congress hopes to get an answer soon.

Yesterday, Forward Bloc leader Narendra Chatterjee joined hands with the CPM for this alliance. Earlier in the state committee meeting, many leaders of the party have spoken out about the alliance. The CPM has been allying with the Congress since the 2016 assembly elections. Although its results have never been very good. This time the number of seats on the left has come to zero. In this situation, many questions are being raised within the party about the importance of keeping the alliance at all. However, Suryakant Mishra has made it clear that the party is not willing to break the alliance. But even if he wants to keep the alliance, there is a deep question as to whether the alliance will last at all after this unfortunate incident.

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