MRBangurHospital: Sudden fire at MRBangur Hospital! Panic erupted in the CCU

#Kolkata: Patients with coronary heart disease in critical condition are treated in the Critical Care Unit or CCU. About 100 patients are currently undergoing treatment in the critical care unit of Taliganj MR Bangur Hospital. Since the first flow of Corona last year, this MR Bangur Hospital has been playing a leading role in the treatment of dying Corona patients. This year too, Corona’s second stream was no exception. Monday at four in the afternoon. The newly constructed super specialty building of MR Bangur Hospital, where corona patients are treated, suddenly saw smoke coming out of the critical care unit or CCU on the fourth floor of the building. Noise spread throughout the hospital. Patients with anxiety disorders are panicked. Panic spread several times in the family of the patient waiting outside.

Two fast fire engines arrived at the scene. It is learned that the capacitors of a wall-mounted or wall-mounted fan in the room of the doctors inside the critical care unit, which was closed, started burning and emitting smoke. Although no major accidents occurred. Because the hospital has its own firefighting system, it is possible to control the fire and smoke. The situation was handled before firefighters from outside started work.

Dr Shishir Naskar, superintendent of MR Bangur Hospital, said, ‘Very few incidents. No patient was harmed. There was a problem with smoke coming out of a wall fan. The hospital staff brought the situation under control. On the other hand, Rajiv Biswas, a resident of Goriya, who was waiting at the hospital, said, ‘My hands and feet became cold with fear. As the wife is undergoing treatment in the critical care unit, I don’t know what the situation is all day! I was very scared to see the smoke coming out of it that day. Authorities should keep a close watch on the AC fan lights in the hospital. There could be a big danger today! ‘

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