Mukhendura-close phone Shuvendura to prevent breakage? Going to Raj Bhavan too

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy has returned to the grassroots of his old house. And since then, there has been a strong fear of a change of party within the BJP. Already, several BJP leaders and MLAs have been heard criticizing the party and praising Mukul. Gerua Shibir is busy calculating how many people will leave the team holding the hand of Mukul, who is an expert in breaking up the team. However, in the meantime, all the people’s representatives who want to leave the BJP, as the Leader of the Opposition, Suvendu Adhikari has warned them. “The episode that started with Mukul Roy did not comply with the anti-defection law,” he said. I am saying to the Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari, whether it is two months or three months, I will leave this law in Bengal as the Leader of the Opposition. ‘ But despite Shuvendu’s warning, the number of dissonants is not decreasing. This time, therefore, Shuvendu has started calling the MLAs and leaders who are leaning towards the dissent and the grassroots in the party.

It is learned that the newly-appointed former all-India vice-president of the BJP has called several MLAs since they joined the Trinamool on Friday. There was one MP in the list. In all, he has called at least 10 BJP MLAs. He also offered to join the ruling party. Shuvendu had to enter the hall as soon as the news spread. He wants to solve the problem by calling Mukul Palta after realizing that there will be no special work in the anti-defection law even if he talks about it. According to sources, all the MLAs who are speculating about the change of party are getting Shuvendu’s phone call. Shuvendu wants to explain to everyone not to change parties, he wants to know the problem.

Meanwhile, Shuvendu tweeted that he would meet Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Monday with a team of BJP MLAs. It is believed that the program of the delegation of BJP MLAs led by Shuvendu is to make the anti-defection law effective in the assembly to prevent the resignation of BJP MLAs. However, Shuvendu wrote in a tweet that they will go to Raj Bhavan to inform about some immoral activities happening in Bengal.

However, Shuvendu has targeted Mamata Banerjee over Mukul Roy’s change of team. In his words, “What Hon’ble is doing, the Congress MLA is in the Trinamool’s book, the CPM MLA is in the Trinamool’s book. Hon’ble, Trinamool and Bengal Legislative Assembly is not above the law. It is the responsibility of the Leader of the Opposition to establish the law. That is why I am saying, let it take two months, let it take three months, I will implement the anti-defection law in Bengal. ” The Trinamool is not leaving Shuvendu to retaliate. Ruling party spokesman Kunal Ghosh said, “Tell your father all this first, then give knowledge to other people.”

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