Mukul Roy: As soon as Mukul returns to the team, the ‘game’ starts, many people from Padma Shibir are gathering at Mukul’s house.

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy has started ‘playing’ after returning to his old house. Last Friday, in the presence of Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee, Saputra returned to the grassroots. And since then the news that the ‘game’ of redemption of BJP has started. Meanwhile, Mukul went to Abhishek Banerjee’s Camac Street office with his son Shuvrangshu on Saturday afternoon. They had a long meeting there. According to sources, Mukul handed over a list of 35 BJP leaders to Abhishek at that meeting. There is a lot of speculation about the name of Kand in that list. Many are disillusioned with BJP after leaving Mukul Dal.

Ever since Mukul Roy joined the Trinamool from the BJP at the Trinamool Bhavan in the presence of Mamata Banerjee, many of his followers have been coming to his house in Kanchrapara or at his home in Salt Lake to meet Mukul Roy. People known as Mukul followers from different districts besides Kolkata are gathering at Mukul Roy’s house. On Monday, he visited Mukul Roy’s house in Salt Lake and met Dhyanes Narayan Guha, chief of the Gaighata Panchayat Samiti’s public works department. He came out after meeting Mukul Roy and told the media, ‘I could not work with dignity from the BJP. Although many false cases were filed against me, the BJP leaders did not stand by me despite repeated requests. So I joined the BJP holding Mukuldar’s hand. I want to return to the grassroots holding Mukul Dar’s hand again ‘.

Another Mukul Ghanishta said today that he was leaving Padma Shibir. Devyani Dasgupta is the secretary of the state BJP Kisan Morcha. Devyani was also in charge of the BJP’s legal cell. However, not only these, but with the change of party, many people known as close to Mukul are now in regular contact with the one-time second-in-command of the grassroots. But in the end, only time will tell who will give the green signal to the grassroots leadership to change the camp.

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