Named on the body, the ‘last journey’ of the scooter to Gangapara by pressing on the bed! Hall shraddhao

#Kolkata: Suddenly there was a roll of tears in the street. Like the grief of losing a loved one, one continues to say, ‘He is gone.’ Open the applause, with the harmonium as if preparing for the final journey. The passers-by stopped and asked, ‘Who died? ‘

With a little peek, it was seen that there was no man, there was a Scooty 7 covered with names As if the last journey of the two-wheeler is being prepared. With pictures of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah. Some are scattering sugarcane, some are scattering water again. The passengers carried the body towards the Ganges. Shraddha Shanti started on the banks of Kumartuli river.

By this time everyone understood the matter. Members of an organization called Citizens Against Dirty Politics and Corruption protested against the unusual increase in petrol and diesel prices in the wake of Scooty’s symbolic mourning.

The Shraddha Shanti of Scooty is organized with everything that is needed in the Shraddha ceremony. Many people stood on the way and saw Shraddha-Shanti. All in all, the price of petrol-diesel, cooking gas has gone up and the anger of the common people is increasing day by day.

According to Sumon Mitra on behalf of the organization, 82% of the total petrol sold is used in two-wheelers. As a result, those who rely on two-wheeled vehicles, such as motorbikes and scooters, are more likely to be in trouble.

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