Newtown Encounter Update: Bhullar’s Encounter 4 more Punjab residents detained …

# Baruipur: Four more people were arrested in connection with the Newtown Encounter. The four were reportedly detained from Chinapukur area of ​​Kashipur police station in Bhangar on Monday morning. Kolkata and Bidhannagar police are interrogating the four at Bhangar police station. However, the exact identities of all the detainees have not been known yet. Police did not disclose how they were involved in the encounter.

The area has been under close surveillance since the Newtown Encounter. According to police sources, the four were seen together in a multi-storey house under construction in Kashipur. Everyone is said to be a resident of Punjab. After that they were arrested and brought to the police station. The interrogation is going on. Sources said that it is being investigated whether they have any connection with Jaipal Bhullar and Jaspreet Jassi or whether the four gangsters helped the two gangsters in setting up their hideouts in the city.

It is learned that one of the detainees is Chamkaur Singh He sheltered the other three in the area. Detectives allege that Dawood Singh was identified in the Chamkaur Singh area. According to police sources, the owner of the house where the accused stayed was also brought to Bhangar police station for questioning. Officers from the state police’s intelligence department are investigating how much they are involved in the Newtown encounter. However, the police has not yet responded.

Incidentally, the STF is conducting an investigation into the wartime activities of the local police as well as the criminals involved in the Rajarhat encounter. Their investigation has also come up with several sensational information. It is learned that the miscreants entered Kolkata from Madhya Pradesh via Jharkhand in a vehicle with a Bengali number plate. But first, Bharat, Jaspreet and Jaipal did not stay in Newtown’s ‘Sukhvrishti’ residence. Earlier, they had spent a few days in a guest house. The name of a guest house in Newtown has come up in this source. Sources said that they also had a party together. Then they come to Sapurji’s ‘Sukhvrishti’ residence.

According to estimates, the gangsters had entered Kolkata several days before May 23. Police have also started searching several hotels near the metro station to find out where they were. Besides, that guest house in Newtown is specially scanned by the police. Foreigners living in the Newtown area are also being monitored. A search is also underway to find out who helped the two gangsters. All in all, the mystery of the encounter is becoming increasingly complex. According to sources, STF will report to DG next week.

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