Raj Chakraborty wants to meet the poor talented viral violin player– News18 Bangla Raj Chakraborty wants to meet the poor talented viral violin player– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: In the heart of this city he is like the ‘flutist of Hamlin’. White hair, unkempt hair, one head … How beautiful are the two eyes. He bends his neck a little and draws a braid of melody all day on the chest of this old city. The weary, wandering common man finds love in the shelter of his fainting. The artist gets a unique dimension in his violin drawing. The melody of the song is such that it can make you forget all the sorrows Which can forget all the stress of daily life Just close your eyes, listen with all your heart You will go to another world And an old musician from Calcutta has taken the responsibility of taking you to another world! Who raises a storm of melodies in his violin, creating another world in the bosom of a busy city. Now director Raj Chakraborty is looking for him.

Sometimes next to Lake Mall, sometimes on Beadon Street … 6 Wear plain clothes 6 The name is Bhagwan Mali. Standing on a corner of the road, he used to play the violin in his mind Sometimes OP Nair’s ‘Diwana Hua Badal’ and sometimes Madan Mohan’s ‘Log Ja Gale’. The magic of his melody spread a magic in the bosom of busy Calcutta And that tune is now taking the whole social media by storm The land is all in Malda. The artist spends his days on the pavement of Vivekananda Road. Sometimes the pedestrians stop, sometimes they pass by …. but the flute of his violin keeps ringing in his mind. The melody never seems to fade.

Bhagwan and his wife came to Calcutta to see the girl. And did not return to the country house, to the little boy. He plays the violin in the street to relieve stomach upset. The handcuffs were played by the father. After the death of my father, that instrument is now God’s constant companion. Hearing his violin, Roopam Islam extended a helping hand. Rupankar also posted a search. And now Raj Chakraborty wants to work.

But even after so many things, God does not have Heldol. Apanbhola is spreading the magic of his melody silently like a virus in the lungs of the city.

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