Shuvendu-Soumendu uneasy over triple theft case, “anti-regime” Tarza in front of judge


#Canthi: Sir, false case! False lawsuits have been filed to join rival political parties. Not only that, the client is accused of being the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly. Then senior lawyer PS Patwalia continued to say. Justice Tirthankar Ghosh is hearing it in the court. The case of triple theft of Kanthi police station is being heard. Nandigram BJP MLA Shuvendu Adhikari is one of the accused in the case. Another accused in the case is Shuvendu’s brother Soumendu Adhikari. Both of them have filed a case in the High Court seeking dismissal of the FIR of triple theft.

During the hearing at 2 pm on Monday, Shuvendu’s lawyer opened paragraph 9 of the petition and showed the judge why he said the FIR was not acceptable to the court. One person has already been arrested in this case of Kanthi police station. There is a risk of arrest of other accused in the same FIR. Therefore, Shuvendu Adhikari has challenged the legitimacy of the FIR in the legal battle. However, Justice Tirthankar Ghosh explained the legal difficulty in issuing any order as there was no case diary in the case. The High Court has fixed June 22 for the next hearing of the case. State Chief Public Prosecutor Shaswat Gopal Mukherjee was instructed to submit the case diary on the same day. The court did not heed Shuvendu’s plea for an interim injunction. After considering the case diary thoroughly on June 22, Justice Ghosh said that he would give the next order. However, around the Shuvendu case, the issue of framing the leaders of the ruling opposition political parties in false cases came up again and again.

In this context, the case of a case of 2016 also came up in the hearing. After meeting the governor with 50 MLAs on Monday, Shuvendu Adhikari said, BJP leaders and workers have been framed in 3000 false cases in the state after the polls. He also demanded a simultaneous CBI probe into all the false cases. However, there is so much talk of politics. In the courtroom, the anti-regime Tarja has become a new part of the lawyers in recent times.

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