Swapan criticizes Tathagata’s ‘Troy’s horse’, dissent grows in Bengal BJP

#Kolkata: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh is a staunch opponent of state observer Kailash Vijay. He has repeatedly spoken out against leaders from the grassroots to the BJP. After losing the election and Mukul Roy went to the grassroots, his level has increased a lot. Not only that, Tathagata Roy has repeatedly spoken out against them in public. Before the vote, Tathagata scoffed at the leaders who came to the BJP from the grassroots as ‘Troy’s horses’. But another BJP leader, Swapan Dasgupta, who is upset over the change of party, openly opposes the remarks. Swapan wrote on Twitter that it was wrong to label everyone who worked for the party from the heart during the polls as a ‘Trojan horse’. Swapan emphasized on the balance of old and newcomers in the team.

Without mentioning Tathagata’s name in the tweet, Swapan wrote, ‘It is wrong to call all those who joined BJP after May 2019 in Bengal as Troy horses. There are many newcomers who have worked sincerely for the team. Now it is not right to make all of them feel unwanted in the team. There is no exclusion in politics. Instead, we have to be by everyone’s side in bad times, we have to create new leaders from there. ‘

In fact, Tathagata was furious with the BJP state leaders from the time of the polls. He was extremely critical of the candidates like Payal and Sravanti. And as soon as Mukul Roy left the BJP and went to the grassroots, he set the tone again. As soon as Mukul returned to the grassroots, Tathagata demanded that he come to the BJP before the polls and know the details of the party and go back home. In fact, the BJP has suffered in their work. Although Swapan doesn’t think so. Swapan, a BJP candidate from Tarakeswar in the Assembly polls, said, “The door is always open for those who see a party as a means of personal gain. They can see another road. But not all those who have worked honestly can be called Troy’s horses. ‘

Tathagata, however, has repeatedly landed in this mood. He wants to return to mainstream politics after his term as governor expires. But neither the state nor the central leadership of the BJP has responded positively. According to sources, Tathagata also wanted to be a candidate from a Kolkata constituency in the Assembly polls. But the BJP leadership rejected the letter. Since then he has been a staunch opponent of Dilip Ghosh, Kailash Vijayavargiya and Arvind Menon. But this time, without mentioning his name, another leader of the party criticized his remarks.

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