The passion of the leaders and workers is important, let’s go slowly with the change of party policy of the grassroots!

#Kolkata: The door is open. Many want to come. However, permission to cross the threshold can only be obtained in quarters. Many say again, the filter has been arranged. After that, you will be allowed to enter the house, Thudi group. After the announcement of the results of the assembly vote, there were several possibilities. A large section of the leaders who left the grassroots and joined the BJP want their old party to return to the grass. Whether their return will be justified at all is a matter of controversy. However, according to one of the top leaders of the party, the party will adopt a policy of moving slowly with the change of leaders. After considering all the aspects, only then the final decision will be taken. But everything depends on Supremo Mamata Banerjee herself.

His son Mukul Roy has already left Padma Shibir and moved to Joraful Shibir. After that the speculation increased. Which leaders, when can come to the pair of flower camps? However, the grassroots camp says that those who left the party before the vote, did not stay by the side during difficult times, returning to the party means giving the wrong message to the old workers. Therefore, the Trinamool Congress will adopt a slow-moving policy with Rajiv Bandopadhyay for the time being. Soon after Mukul Roy returned to the party, several leaders who had left the Jora Phul Shibir and enrolled in the Padma Shibir wanted to return. And the day after Mukul’s return, the practice started with Rajib’s meeting with Kunal. But even if Rajiv wants, the big question now is whether the party will show interest in taking him. According to sources, the party will adopt the policy of ‘let’s go slowly’ with Rajiv. That is what has been instructed from the top level. Kalyan Bandopadhyay and Kalyan Ghosh have objected to Rajiv. Arup Roy also objected. Almost every day anti-Rajiv posters are read in Domjur area

On the other hand, Sujit Basu has objected to Mukul’s close confidante Dutt in a close circle. Posters against Debasish were found in several places in Salt Lake. As a result, objections are being raised from various quarters about returning to the team in various ways. According to political circles, a large part of those who want to return to the grassroots could not win the vote. The Trinamool came to power with a huge majority of seats. As a result, the team does not need anyone new at the moment. On the other hand, Mukul Roy has handled the organizational work of the team with efficient hands for a while. He was in the all-India position in the BJP. Taking him into the party means convincing the BJP that the Trinamool Congress could crack down on their organization. However, the top leadership has not yet had positive thoughts about anyone.

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