The young woman from Dumdum ordered food for 130 rupees and lost 25,000 rupees dumdum girl cheated 25 thousand after booked food in a popular online food delivery app– News18 Bangla

#DumDum: Fraud through Fancy Food Delivery App (Online Food Delivery App). Thousands of rupees disappeared from the account of a young woman in Dumdum. He has already lodged a complaint with Dumdum and Barakpur Cyber ​​Crime Police Stations. The investigation has started.

The young woman named Shatarupa Das is a model by profession. On Friday, June 11, he ordered food through the popular online food delivery app. Pay the bill online (Online Payment). But after a long time, he did not get that food. After that, Shatarupa was forced to call the delivery boy’s number in the app. Allegedly, the delivery boy told him on the phone that he could not deliver the food. As a result, he has to cancel the order. Shatrupar said that he then called Suigi’s helpline and informed about the matter. From there he was asked to download the ‘Any Desk’ app. He downloaded the app. After scanning a code number there, a total of Rs 25,000 disappeared from his bank account in five stages.

Shatarupar alleged that Rs 25,000 had disappeared in the name of returning his money. Shatrupar claims that some of the employees of the delivery app company are involved in this fraud. If not, how will they get the phone number! He said the swindler was speaking in Hindi. He has already lodged a complaint with the police. Police are investigating whether members of the Jamtara gang were involved in the incident.

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