This is the first time I’ve ever seen a squirrel snuggle up to a squirrel in a cage.

#Kolkata: The fox went into the cage holding the hand of ‘Narikuravar’. The story of Calcutta Airport and the fox is nothing new. It has been seen many times that Boeing 737 is running along the runway. Then the pilot sees the fox family 7 having a picnic in the middle of the runway Airport authorities have taken action more than once in fear of an accident From time to time, forest workers have exploded firecrackers or run with caged vehicles. But it was no longer possible to catch foxes. Finally, holding the hands of the ‘Narikuravars’, the seven foxes left the airport for the time being and set out to find a new home in the forest of the forest department.

The number of aircraft takeoffs has decreased due to the lockdown situation. The Calcutta Airport Authority plans to use that opportunity to catch foxes. The ‘Narikuravars’ were brought from Chennai. This special group of tribals from South India is called ‘Fox Man’. Because generation after generation this community has been working to catch foxes. Over the past few months, pilots have sent multiple SOSs to air traffic control. The fox moving on the runway. He says about 10-12 foxes are coming together. Thus, the increase in the number of foxes and frequent runways on the runway worries the airport authorities Because if you collide with a fox, an accident will happen. The damage will be to both the aircraft and the passengers. So three months ago, the airport authorities asked the forest department for permission to kill the fox. But this animal is a protected animal under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1982. So special permission is required to shoot. That permission was not given by the Center-State So the ‘Narikuravars’ were called.

This nomadic group of Tamil Nadu is experienced in catching foxes. A group of 22 people comes here. They caught about 6 foxes. Those who have been sent to the custody of the forest department. Pilot Arindam Dutt said, ‘It is a big problem if any animal gets on the runway. There is a risk of an accident. According to airport sources, the foxes entered from the direction of Rajarhat. Foxes are a great place to hide. So far 6 have been caught. But there may be several more. Currently being monitored. When we meet again, the ‘Narikuravar’ community will fall again.

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