What will be the future? The Chief Minister will soon take a decision on the evaluation of secondary and higher secondary


#Kolkata: The Board of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Secondary Education will inform in a day or two how the evaluation of the secondary higher secondary. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said this on Monday. However, in that case, the decision was taken with the students in mind, the Chief Minister said. “I don’t want the students to be in danger. They are our little dear companions so that they don’t get any mental anguish. I will ask the education department to take a decision after considering them in all respects,” he said. According to the School Education Department, a report has already been submitted to the Chief Minister’s Office from the School Education Department on how to evaluate Khabar Secondary and Higher Secondary. According to sources, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already examined the report. However, in that case, the state wants to wait for the CBSE board’s decision in the Supreme Court, sources said.

According to the sources, it has been proposed to evaluate the secondary through the results of the annual examination of the ninth class and the internal results of the tenth class. According to the school education department, it has been proposed to give secondary marks to the students using a mathematical formula. In that case, the officials of the Board of Secondary Education think that there will be a big difference in the number of secondary students as compared to the number of annual results of the ninth class. Sources said that initially the Education Minister Bratya Basu responded positively to the proposal.

Apart from the Board of Secondary Education, the Parliament of Higher Education has also proposed to the state, sources said. According to sources, the proposal has reached the Chief Minister. It is learned that the Chief Minister has already seen the loss of the proposal to give higher education on behalf of the Parliament. Sources said that in the evaluation of the higher secondary, it is said to give importance to the number obtained by the secondary. Besides, importance has also been given to the number of annual examination of class XI and the number of practical and project work submitted in higher secondary. In other words, on behalf of the Higher Education Parliament, it has been asked to give numbers to the students in terms of these three issues, according to the school education department. According to the school education department, the proposal given by the board of secondary education has already given the green signal, but the proposal of the higher education parliament is still being discussed by the school education department official. In that case, it is expected that Education Minister Bratya Basu may meet the two boards again on Tuesday.

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