Will the bus run from Wednesday in Bengal? Emergency instructions to transport workers

#Kolkata: The country was in turmoil with the second wave of corona. Bengali was not left out either. However, due to strict restrictions for about a month, the infection has come under control in Bengal. In this situation, the period of strict restrictions ends on Tuesday, June 15. Since then, the train, bus will run in Bengal? No details have been released yet. However, according to sources in Navanne, special buses may be run even if all types of public-private buses are not launched at the beginning. Accordingly, transport workers have been instructed to be present at each depot on the 18th. According to sources, special buses may run in Bengal from Wednesday. Then gradually try to normalize the situation.

However, despite the government’s permission to run the bus, bus owners have already started demanding an increase in fares. Bus owners have demanded an increase in fares with posters in districts including Kolkata. It is not possible to provide passenger services even if public transport is gradually introduced in the next phase of the ban if bus fares are not increased in line with the increase in prices of diesel and other accessories. They said that there is nothing to be done even if the suffering of the passengers increases.

According to members of the All Bengal Bus-Minibus Coordinating Association and the City Suburban Bus Service, two bus owners’ organizations, if the state government does not take immediate action to increase private bus fares, one-third of private buses will leave Kolkata. Extremely financially strapped bus owners will then be forced to stop 50% or more on about 30 routes in the northern, central and southern parts of the city. However, the government has not yet commented on the rent hike.

According to sources, the one-month-long strict curfew has been very effective in dealing with the Corona situation. But at the same time, the state’s economy is being hit hard. It is learned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will decide what to do in this situation. Experts say that the Chief Minister can increase the concessions on much-needed and necessary activities. The state may continue to control for less urgent work for a few more days than that.

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