Coronavirus Third Wave: Warning for children in the third wave! The district health department has issued a set of instructions to the districts.

#Kolkata: Preparations are underway in the state for fear of Corona Third Wave. 12,000 beds have already been provided for child safety. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already said that this will be done with the priority of children. The state health department has sent detailed instructions to all the district magistrates on which hospitals will have PICU units and which hospitals will have SNCU units. The guide also provides detailed guidelines on what to do for children aged three months to twelve months and what to do for children aged one to 90 days.

The number of children affected by corona in the second wave has increased several times compared to the first wave of covid. That tendency may increase further in the third wave. That information has already come up in various studies. The medical community has also given that indication. The incidence rate of children aged 3-6 years in the second wave of corona is 2.01%. The incidence rate of adolescents up to 18 years of age is about 21%. The district health department has already taken initiative to set up PICUs and SNCUs in government hospitals in all the districts to handle the situation. Work has already begun.

The new guidelines from the Department of Health state that children between the ages of 90 days and 12 years with minor symptoms will be admitted to 1,000 beds in the Covid-infected women’s ward. 20% of SNCU beds will be for one to 90 day old children. In other words, priority will be given to 350 SNCU beds for children with severe corona. However, in the case of children who are not infected with corona, the number of beds will remain unchanged.

The guidelines also tell district health departments that at least 1,300 beds will be provided before the third wave hits. At the same time appropriate training will be given. The guideline also said that special training on covid would be provided to hospital nurses in the districts.

Nurses and health workers will also be informed about the rules of breastfeeding for children with covid. Detailed training should also be started at the zonal level health centers on the precautions to be taken by the mother during breastfeeding to protect the infected baby. District health officials have been instructed to complete all training in this regard by July. At the same time, the guidelines state that by the end of August, all medicines, medical supplies and equipment related to the Covid safety rules will be sent to the district health departments.

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