Coronavirus Vaccine: The state government has launched a new app to make the process of coronavirus vaccination easier

#Kolkata: This time the work of vaccination (Coronavirus vaccine) is becoming easier. There is no need to register in the co-win app of the center. The state government has created a separate app for corona vaccine The vaccine can be applied in that app. Today, on Tuesday, this app called ‘CVR’ was launched in Navanne.

For so long, I had to book a slot in the central government’s Queen app to get vaccinated This time, any citizen can book a vaccine slot through Quinn as well as the CVR app. First or second, you can register in this app before taking any dose State Minister for Health Chandrima Bhattacharya inaugurated the app on the same day After the launch of the app, Chandrima Bhattacharya said, “It was difficult to register in the Co-Win app. Repeatedly the server was going down But everyone can easily register in this app. ‘ He added that the app is being brought to speed up the vaccine

The health department said the initiative was taken to avoid confusion and confusion with the vaccine. Instructions on how to use this app are also given. This number 83359999000 can be seen by entering this app. All information can be obtained by sending a WhatsApp message to this number. The minister said that with the launch of this app, everyone will be able to register easily. It will be more convenient to get vaccinated. Long lines for vaccines can be avoided.

Irrespective of the co-win app, corona vaccination has started in Kolkata Pur area a few days ago. Under the new rules, citizens aged 60 and above can go directly to the health center of Kolkata Municipality to get the vaccine.

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