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#Kolkata: It has been alleged on behalf of Ratna Chattopadhyay that her husband Shovon has made a honey trap with Baishakhi. Two days ago, Sovan Chatterjee and Baishakhi Banerjee made several explosive allegations against Ratna Chatterjee in a 54 minute Facebook interview. In that social media interview, Shovon also clarified that he did not like Ratna Chattopadhyay’s visit to the Nizam’s Palace on the same day after receiving the news of Shovon Chattopadhyay’s arrest in the Narad case on May 16. Not only that, in an interview given to his girlfriend Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay on Facebook, Shovon did not hide his annoyance about it. He even said that marrying Ratna was his ultimate mistake.

In that Facebook interview two days ago, Baishakhi also attacked Ratna. In an interview, it was said that Ratna Chattopadhyay was practically immoral and had no character. Today, on Tuesday, Shovan’s girlfriend Baishakhi posted a video of the new forty-six minute conversation between Shovon and Baishakhi on social media. Even in today’s conversation, Behala and his girlfriend Baishakhi are vocal about various allegations against the newly elected Trinamool MLA Ratna.

Ratna claimed that Boishakhi’s husband had honeytrapped Shovon with his wife. In a video interview on Facebook, Shovon gave a strong response to Ratna’s statement. Baishakhidevi posted a long video conversation of Shovon-Baishakhi interview on social media today. Apart from adultery, Shovon was also accused of financial scandal against Ratna. Ratna Chatterjee changed her color so quickly that even the chameleon would be ashamed. In today’s video interview, Ratna was targeted by Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay. Can Ratna deny Scheduled Caste (SC) identity? Getting the title of Chatterjee in marriage. In an interview given to his girlfriend Baishakhi, it was in this language that Ratna was attacked by Shovonbabu, the former mayor of Kolkata and former minister of state. “I look at him with hatred,” said Shovanbabu.

In a video conversation, Shovon also said in response to a question about Ratna, “Ratna is not worthy of Baishakhi’s toenails.” In the conversation, Baishakhi also mocked Ratna as the current ‘MLA’, referring to Shovan’s long political life in the Trinamool Congress. Baishakhi Banerjee said, ‘I am not suffering from any insecurity. I believe that modesty is enough for my safety. The way he has kept me at bay all the time gives me another strength. ‘

In the second interview on social media, Ratna was warned by Shovan, “Playing with fire will not be tolerated.” On the same day, in the very last part of the Baishakhi interview, he said, ‘A joint profile has been opened in the name of Shovan-Baishakhi with the permission of Shovan. Occasionally they will appear on social media on various issues. Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay said, ‘From now on, Shovon’s name will also be added to my name’s Facebook profile. Because Shovonbabu is not very accustomed to managing social media, I have decided to add his name to my Facebook profile.

In an interview given to News Eighteen Bangla, Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay said, ‘My new profile name is going to be’ Baishakhi Shovan Bandopadhyay ‘. Before there was only Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay. ‘ However, Ratna Chatterjee is not sitting idly by with the accusation of Shovon-Baishakhi. Ratna said, ‘I am not involved in any immoral act. They are telling lies about me. The woman fed Shovon something that made Shovon go crazy. So he is speaking wrongly ‘.

Ratna Chatterjee has also attacked Baishakhi without naming her. Ratna taunted Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay with one hand and said, ‘I have not entered my bedroom yet but any other man. But the two characterless people who are talking about my character have entered each other’s bedroom long ago. ‘ However, Baishakhi or Shovon said, “The less said about the woman, the better.” Incidentally, during the divorce case, Shovon and Ratna have fired at each other at different times. This time once again the net world is busy with Shovon-Baishakhi-Ratna.

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