Dilip Ghosh: Dilip Tathegatke cannon! ‘Politics can’t work if you sit at home and tweet’ ….

#Kolkata: After the defeat in the election, there was a big push in Bengal BJP. On the one hand, the weakness of not having a booth-level organization is being exposed, on the other hand, allegations of not standing by the workers in the post-election violence have also started coming to light. BJP leader and former governor Tathagata Roy retweeted the incident and brought the party’s infighting to the fore again. Earlier too, the veteran BJP leader had recently stabbed the party leadership in one tweet after another. This time Dilip Ghosh also retaliated. And that is why once again Dilip-Tathagata bitterness in public.

Without naming the day, Dilip Ghosh practically mocked Tathagata Roy and Swapan Dasgupta’s tweet-war. “Someone can retweet a tweet. This is not a very important issue for the party. Those who are sitting at home can do it. But tweeting can no longer be politics,” he said, mocking the tweets and counter-tweets of two of his party’s leaders. But in the Bharatiya Janata Party, we wanted to take everyone with us. But those who can’t, are leaving. That’s their problem. The party has nothing to say about this. ” That is the comment of Dilip Ghosh.

The state president of the BJP is practically angry over opening his mouth against the party on social media. “There are some ways to say it,” he said. If anyone has something to say, you can say it within the team. You can call and tell. In this case, Dilip Babu gave several examples. “A lot of people call me all day,” he said. Report various types of complaints. Suggested. In this case, the social platform can never be a place to talk. Dilip Babu also said in a press conference on Tuesday that an election has taken place. There have been many ups and downs. Different people may have different views on that. That is not very important. It’s just that it’s important for the media.

Incidentally, Tathagata Roy last Sunday taunted those who joined the BJP from the grassroots before the vote as Trojan horses. Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta tweeted, “It is not right to call everyone who joined before the vote a Trojan horse. Many have done well for the party.” On this day, Dilip Babu explained that he is not giving importance to any of these views in the field politics.

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