Duare Ration Scheme will probably start from August 2021

#Kolkata: The Chief Minister gave some hints about the launch of Duare Ration Scheme at the doorstep of the state government. The project is likely to start from next August. This was indicated by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a meeting with the district magistrate on Monday. Although introduced on a trial basis, the Duare Ration Scheme has not yet been introduced in all parts of the state. However, according to sources, the project will be launched in August.

According to sources, the Chief Minister spoke with the district magistrate about launching the project. Food department officials were also present. From the discussion of this meeting it came out that it will take another two to three months for the government to ration at the door. Because it has not been possible to link many Aadhaar yet. And it will take a little longer to do that. This was discussed by the Chief Minister in a meeting with the District Magistrate and the Food Department on Monday, sources said.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has promised to launch the ‘Ration at the Door’ project when she comes to power in the Assembly election campaign. This project was one of the biggest surprises in the Trinamool manifesto The state government wants to start this project as soon as possible without delay The pilot project provides door-to-door delivery of rations from one ration shop in each district to an adjoining neighborhood or village. The pilot project started after the Food Commissioner’s meeting with the Chief Secretary of the State Food Department on the ‘Door Ration’ project. It was decided at the meeting that the ration dealers would have to pay a commission of Rs. 200 per quintal to run the project. Ration dealers will provide items for this project from the ration shop for the first 15 days The state will also pay a separate cost for packaging

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