Exclusive: IPac to continue with TMC: Tummy speculation about the role of IPAC, Prashant Kishore

#Kolkata: The grassroots-Ipac knot is not breaking right now. For the next five years, Prashant Kishor’s IPAC will work with the grassroots as before. In other words, in the next Lok Sabha vote and even in the next Assembly vote, IPAC will be seen to hold the rope of the Trinamool chariot. Now that the infrastructure in which IPAC operates remains unchanged, IPAC will work with the Trinamool until 2027, the agreement said. But the question is, is there a peaceful teenager?

Long before the vote, Prashant Kishore had predicted that the Trinamool would win 200 seats. BJP will not win 100 seats. He even said that he would quit the profession if his predictions were wrong. Needless to say, the vote matched the numbers like a skilled Prashant Kishore astrologer. But despite the collapse of the opposition camp, Prashant Kishore announced that he wants to leave IPAC, wants to do something new. And that is why the question arises, whether Prashant Kishore will stay in this new term, or whether the IPAC will continue in the way shown by him while leaving the seats of Prashant Kishore vacant. If PK is not there, then the question is who he is thinking of as his alternative.

Prashant Kishore has been obstructing the BJP opposition for a long time. He was instrumental in bringing Nitish Kumar to Bihar in 2015. But that relationship is now past. Putting Jaganmohan Reddy on the throne in Andhra Pradesh, handing over the masnad of Tamil Nadu to MK Stalin, settling Kejriwal in Delhi rule, above all, winning Mamata Banerjee for the third time in 2019 at a difficult time – this is a mountainous task. But after the elections in West Bengal, he said he wanted to leave the world of election-management. There are rumors that Prashant can go to Rajya Sabha on grassroots ticket. One thing is clear, if he has done the work of threading the third front, then the third front will want to get him on the battlefield. The whole country is curious about his role in that case.

Meanwhile, his team has also reached an agreement with the Punjab Congress for the upcoming assembly elections. Today, when the IPAC-Trinamool deal for another five years is confirmed, the question of whether or not to stay is absorbing all the light.

-Exclusive by Kamalika Sengupta

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