Further modernization of children’s entertainment at Alipore Zoo, and that’s what the minister said

#Kolkata: Zoo is a place of entertainment for children. Therefore, the forest department has set a target to focus on the development of infrastructure in the state’s zoos. Minister Jyotipriya Mallick visited Alipore Zoo for the first time on Monday after taking charge as Forest Minister. State Minister for Divisional Affairs Birbaha Hansda was also present. At the end of the first visit, the minister announced that a hospital would be set up inside the zoo for the animals and birds of the zoo. The land has already been identified in the zoo. Not only that, the minister does not want to make any mistake about the safety of the children’s entertainment zoo.

Jyotipriya Mallick is quite concerned about the incidence of animal enclosures in the past. So more security will be enhanced in the tiger-lion enclosure shots. At the same time, the nets will be modernized, the minister said. The nets inside the zoo will not only be elevated, but will be sophisticated and wrapped everywhere with closed circuit cameras. The forest minister has taken such a decision. Note that a few years ago, a rare species of marmoset was stolen from the zoo. The zoo has reportedly warned the authorities not to repeat such incidents. Not only Alipore Zoo, but also the infrastructure of Bengal Safari Park in Siliguri will be developed. The forest minister said he would visit it soon.

On the same day, Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallick had a meeting with the officials of the forest department and the zoo authorities. It was decided at the meeting that several measures would be taken to modernize the zoos. The state forest department has also decided to bring tigers from the Sundarbans as there are plans to bring new animals. However, the zoo has been closed to the public for more than a year in Corona. When it will be opened, the decision will be taken after discussing with the government. However, even if the zoo is opened, the issue of human safety will also be emphasized. Dirt cannot be thrown everywhere. Dustbins are going to sit at different ends of the zoo.

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