Hilsa Fish | Jamai Sasthi: Famine in Hilsa in Jamai Sasthi, Orissa

#Kolkata: There is a demand but there is a shortage of hilsa in the Kolkata market. Before Jamaishthi, the market is full of hilsa fish, but this year there is no silver crop. Because of the low pressure, there is a ban on fishing in the sea and there are restrictions. Bengal’s hope is to get fresh hilsa from Orissa. And scattered fish are coming from Myanmar.

Hilsa fishing is stopped before the onset of monsoon across the country. This rule is observed for 50 days for the breeding of hilsa. This year also this rule was not broken. This rule is coming up on June 14. In other words, fishermen will be able to go to sea with trawlers from June 15. That is why there is a famine of thousands of fish before the sixth. Orissa fishermen are not going to sea with trawlers under the pressure of Yas and leaking of rules. However, sources said that some hilsas brought in small dinghy boats have entered the Bengali market. That’s all for now.

Note the fish of Bangladesh for several years, if Bangladesh sent a few thousand tons of fish last year. But the supply of this fish is also stopped regularly. For the time being, hopefully, some fish have come to the markets of Howrah from Myanmar. However, the source said that these fish are not fresh fish in cold storage.

About 1600 trawlers crossed the deep sea from Digha in search of fish last night. But due to continuous lockdown and low pressure, many trawlers are not able to cross the Sundarbans. The repair work of the trawler could not be completed due to the continuous lockdown. In addition, large parts of the Sundarbans have been damaged by Yas. Many people are not willing to go with the trawler now as there is a lot of damage to the houses of the workers associated with the trawler. All in all, there is no hilsa in the market.

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