Jagdeep Dhankhar gives stern letter to Mamata Banerjee before leaving for Delhi Dhankhar goes to Delhi with strong letter to Mamata, possibility of meeting with Modi-Shah – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Before leaving for a two-day visit to Delhi, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar once again sent a strong message to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. After meeting BJP MLAs on Monday, the governor’s visit to Delhi and the earlier letter to the chief minister caused a stir. Sources said that Jagdeep Dhankhar may go to Delhi and meet Home Minister Amit Shah as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He may also meet President Ramnath Kobind

In a letter to the chief minister on the same day, the governor once again questioned the post-poll violence and law and order situation in the state. He also criticized the silence of the Chief Minister The governor also criticized the chief minister’s presence at the CBI office on May 16 in the Narad case.

Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari met with the governor on Monday to discuss the post-poll violence in the state. Addressing the Chief Minister on the same day, the Governor wrote, “I am saddened by your silence on the incidents of continuous violence, bloodshed, violation of human rights and disgrace to women in the state since the elections.” There has been no example of such atrocities against political opponents since independence. ” The governor further alleged that the chief minister had been approached several times before but had not received any reply. Not only that, the governor also expressed his displeasure that the issue was not discussed in the cabinet meeting As usual, he also criticized the role of the police and the administration In the letter, Jagdeep Dhankhar also mentioned the experience of BJP workers visiting refugee camps in Kochbihar, Nandigram and Ranpagli in Assam. He directly asked the Chief Minister, “Why should people be harassed in this way for the sake of democracy?”

The governor wrote in the letter that he hoped the chief minister would respond to him, detailing the post-poll violence and the damage caused by cyclone Yas. Not only that, the governor demanded that the issue be discussed at the state cabinet meeting to take steps to stop post-poll violence.

In this situation, there is a lot of speculation in the political arena about the Governor’s sudden visit to Delhi Today, Jagdeep Dhankhar will reach Delhi on Tuesday night He is scheduled to return to Kolkata on Thursday evening The state government and the ruling party are also keeping a close eye on the governor’s program in Delhi for the next two days. According to sources, he may have a meeting with the Home Minister, the Prime Minister as well as the President

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