Only 750 village children, on top of that, don’t be affected! Fighting for her life, the doctors handed over the healthy child to the mother

Bhaswati Ghoshal, Chief Physician, SNCU, National Medical College Hospital, said, “Our main goal is to get every child back home healthy. When we fail at times, we don’t even have to shed tears. However, on the one hand, the corona is affected, on the other hand, to bring home such a low-weight newborn baby healthy, is really another feeling! We hoped that we would be able to bring this child home in the way our entire SNCU team has been fighting every day. Today my whole team, we are proud. ‘ And the family of the child who got back to the new life not only raised their hands in blessing but also said that their adored deity is now these doctors-nurses health workers. Input- ABHIJIT CHANDA

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