Peti Peti foreign fruit from Nepal is illegally captured in cold storage in Kolkata, then …

#Kolkata: Customs recovered foreign apples and pears worth about Rs 3 million from a cold storage in Kolkata on charges of illegally storing large quantities of fruits in cold storage from Nepal. According to customs sources, a large quantity of foreign apples and pears were illegally stored in Kolkata through Nepal at the cold storage in Kashipur. The cold storage was raided by the customs officials

There are huge packets of fruit packed in cold storage. According to customs sources, the estimated market value of the recovered fruit is 29 lakh 63 thousand 200 rupees 19,060 kg of apples and 10,545 kg of pears were seized. According to customs sources, these were smuggled from abroad through Nepal to cold storage at Kashipur in Kolkata and stored illegally.

On the basis of that allegation, the customs officials went to a cold storage at Satchasi Para in Kashipur and carried out a raid. No arrests have been made in the case However, the officials of the customs office are looking for the owner of this cold storage Customs officials are investigating whether they were trying to raise prices in the market by illegally storing these fruits in cold storage. The market price of apple or pear is much higher in Kolkata Investigators say they were brought in from abroad In that case, they came to Calcutta through Nepal Investigators estimate that the fruits were brought into hiding as a result of the lockdown. Customs detectives estimate that these came to cold storage in Calcutta from China via Nepal. Who or what is involved in this incident is being investigated Customs officials will also look into how long the fruit has been stored illegally.


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