State government gives strong reply to Jagdeep Dhankhar Complaint ‘sorted’, why the letter to the Chief Minister is public? Strict response to Nabanner – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The governor has sent a stern letter to the chief minister regarding the law and order situation in the state. He wanted a reply to the letter from Mamata Banerjee But within hours of the governor’s letter, not the chief minister, Nabanna responded to all allegations in a tweet. The state Home Office retorted that all allegations made by the governor were “sorted out”. What he is saying is not a fact Not only that, Nabanna also expressed surprise at the way the Governor tweeted a letter to the Chief Minister.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, the Governor was vocal about the post-poll violence in the state In response, Navanna said that although there had been some incidents of political violence during the post-poll period when the state administration was under the control of the Election Commission, the state cabinet had returned to normalcy since the state government was sworn in. Regarding the Governor’s letter, the Home Department wrote on Twitter, “The West Bengal government is shocked to see the manner in which the Governor has made public a letter addressed to the Chief Minister of the state.” The subject matter of the letter is not consistent with the actual event ‘

He also alleged that the publication of the letter to the Chief Minister through Twitter was against the established norms. The Home Ministry tweeted, “The state government is even more stunned by the way the letter has been unilaterally released because the content of the letter is all sorted.” ‘

In the letter, the governor alleged that the police administration had remained silent despite a spate of political violence. Besides, the issue was not discussed in the state cabinet meeting The Home Department countered that the police had taken strict action against the miscreants on the instructions of the state government. The Home Office tweeted that the government was fulfilling its responsibility to uphold the rule of law.

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