The first son-in-law of the marriage-sixth Nilanjan! Ginny Emon Chakraborty reports from ‘Jora-Bhoj’, ‘Secret’ …

Kolkata: Saren Emon-Nilanjan got married in a domestic ceremony on January 31. Before that, he got engaged last October. Finally gave the official seal of approval in February, the month of love. Iman Chakraborty and Nilanjan Ghosh tied the knot on February 2. This year, Nilanjan is going to eat the caress of Jamai Sasthi, the first son-in-law of his life, at his father-in-law’s house. And that is why the excitement of ‘Nilaman’ is at its peak now.

What preparations are going on on both sides? Wanted to know News18 Emon Chakraborty, an artist and housewife of Nilanjan, shared all the news to Bengal. He said that in the absence of his mother, his father was preparing for his son-in-law’s caress. There is a problem of shopping in extreme weather. So my father has already started preparing. The market is going on. Thousands, say the first year of marriage! So Chakravarti Karta does not want to leave any gap in accepting the son-in-law.

But this is not the end. The twin sons-in-law are also being organized at Emon’s aunt’s house in Liluya. There, Nilanjan will be given the sixth by the two aunts-in-law with the help of the rules and regulations of the sixth, rituals and details of eating and drinking. Emon’s two aunts love Emon-Nilanjan very much. They are organizing another wide son-in-law Adar. However, Emon will also share with Nilanjan in a normal way.

However, in the Corona situation, the purchase has been cut. Although it is the first year, all the shops are closed, so both the son-in-law and the father-in-law have taken the due slip. It’s okay, if the situation is favorable in the coming days, there will be a gift episode. For now, everyone in Emon’s house is concentrating on preparing for the grand son-in-law’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Emon Chakraborty is busy with his various work. Yas is rushing to the remote areas with relief to stand by the victims. He came back from Chandipur and Tajpur last week. There are also plans to visit a few more places this week. There are also a number of plans in your professional field. Emon also said that he is going to come up with a new job for the art lovers of Bengal in the coming days. However, he said, it is a ‘surprise’ for now.

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