Congress is not, CPI (ML) -PDS is involved in the anti-center movement of the Left Front!

#Kolkata: The alliance is in great complexity centering on the controversial posts of CPM leaders like Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya and Meenakshi Mukherjee. And the meeting of the Left Front also became heated Allied parties have questioned why controversial posts are being made from CPM leaders’ social media accounts. Although Left Front Chairman Biman Basu has made it clear, the responsibility for this post lies not with the party, but with the individual In this situation, some of the provincial Congress leaders have written to Congress President Sonia Gandhi demanding severing the alliance with the Left by using the controversial post as a tool. The Left Front is not sitting still in the Congress when there is a demand to sever the alliance In recent times, the Left-Congress has started a movement on several issues But a meeting of the Left Front on Tuesday decided that they would launch a movement against the rise in prices of essential commodities, excluding the Congress. All in all, doubts about the future of the alliance are growing

It is learned that the Left parties of the state will join the anti-center movement from June 24 to June 30 to protest against the increase in prices of petroleum products and daily necessities. The Left Front will have its allies in this movement, significantly the parties like CPIML and PDS will also be there. The Left parties are also organizing a movement in Delhi from today. The movement will continue in the heart of the capital for the next 15 days.

In fact, there is no doubt about the future of the Left-Congress alliance On Tuesday, a large section of provincial Congress leaders wrote to Sonia Gandhi to sever ties with the Left, citing Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya’s post. In that sense, the CPM is trying to strengthen the Left Front by launching a movement against the rise in prices of essential commodities, excluding the Congress.

Incidentally, Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya and Meenakshi Mukherjee had posted on Facebook blaming ‘Congress goons’ behind the Saibari killings. The Congress objected to that post. The Congress has also written a letter to CPM state secretary Suryakant Mishra in anger. However, Left Front chairman Biman Basu said the party was not responsible for the post. “The CPM as a party does not support this post,” he said. However, the way in which the CPM is calling parties like CPIL or PDS again seems to be significant in Bengali politics.

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