Governor Biman Basu in opposition to Dhankhar is violating the constitutional limits

#Kolkata: On Monday, 51 BJP leaders, including Shuvendu Adhikari, met Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar over the law and order situation in the state. Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar then went to Delhi amid strong opposition to the state. It is heard that he is expecting a visit from Amit Shah. In this atmosphere, Left Front Chairman Biman Basu spoke out against the Governor. According to Biman Basu, the governor has violated his constitutional limits.

Biman Basu also strongly condemned the meeting with several BJP leaders of the state, including Shuvendu Adhikari, sitting on the verandah of the Raj Bhavan. He is also calling this incident practically unprecedented. He said, “He is sitting on the verandah, it has never happened in the past. It has never happened in the history of Bengal.” Like the angry old leftist leader in the phrase used by the governor, “Decorum should not be forgotten and spoken, the dimension should not be forgotten when using the phrase.”

Trinamool has repeatedly said in the past few months that the governor is representing the BJP. This time the same tune is also in Biman Basu’s throat. On this day, he clearly said that wherever he goes, he goes around with BJP leaders. He is not a man of BJP.

Note that the meeting of the State Left Front was held on Tuesday. There was a discussion on the movement against the Modi government over the rise in prices of petroleum products and daily necessities. It was decided at this meeting that the Left Front would say in unequivocal language that the role of the Governor was not right. The leftists want to make it clear that the position taken by the governor in more than one case is unauthorized. Biman Basu was seen taking position the day after the meeting. No wonder other leftist leaders follow in his footsteps in the future. Political circles say that what the vote did not do, the post-vote situation did, the Left-Trinamool reached a consensus in at least one case.

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