‘I want to dress my son-in-law again and again’, suddenly Madan went to Gosaba! But why?

#Kolkata: Madan Mitra, MLA of Kamarhati, went to Gosaba in Sundarbans on the day of Jamaishthi. No, not his father-in-law’s house, but Yas went to the Sundarbans with relief to stand by the side of the devastated people. However, Madan ‘Da’ came live on Facebook before leaving as per the rules. And the issue of Jamaishthi comes up again and again. Madan said, ‘I want to dress my son-in-law again and again But marriage is only once. Everybody do semaguje jamaisasthi. Or do you like to dress up? All the beautiful clothes come, if I don’t wear them? ‘ Madan Mitra, who was adorned with sunglasses, had rimless glasses in his eyes.

Incidentally, Madan has been ill since the election, and he was arrested in the middle of the day. However, he had to be kept at SSKM Hospital instead of jail. On the day he was released on bail, Madan fell ill again. However, he reached the people of Kamarhati without paying any attention. A few days ago, Madan’s house in Bhabanipur also caught fire. But Madan is among the people, surpassing all personal matters. That is why he has chosen service for the people even on the day of Jamaishthi.

Incidentally, with the BJP MLAs at the Raj Bhavan, the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly approached the Governor. 23 BJP MLAs were absent there. Trinamool leaders did not stop mocking why they did not go to Raj Bhavan. Madan Mitra is also in that list. Yesterday, he said, ‘Some BJP MLAs were missing. Soon they may be found in the grassroots building. Picture avi baki hai mere dosta. ‘

After the return of grassroots to power in the state, the BJP is now in danger of a sharp split. Already his son Mukul Roy Gerua has broken the grassroots. And since then the Gerua camp has been waiting for further demolition. In this situation, the grassroots leaders are talking tactics one by one. And Madan Mitra chose the dialogue of Madan Mitra Shah Rukh Khan’s movie in that context.

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