Iron rod went into the chest! SSKM doctors saved the young woman’s life

#Kolkata: They may be happy to walk the impossible path. What else can be said! A 21-year-old girl was brought to the Trauma Care Center of SSKM Hospital around noon on Sunday with serious injuries. At that time, no one could have imagined that the young woman could be brought back to life. And the doctors of the cardiothoracic department of SSKM Hospital made that impossible possible with a lot of challenges.

Tuhina Parveen, 21, is a resident of Dhamakhali area in Sandeshkhali block of North 24 Parganas. Last Sunday, while sitting in front of the car, the iron rod placed in front of the car broke Tuhina’s right chest, breaking her left chest and breaking her spine. In that condition he was first taken to the local health center and then quickly to the Trauma Care Center at SSKM Hospital. On examination, the doctors found that the rod had pierced the young woman’s chest and pierced the left side of the chest at the back of the heart. However, the young woman survived as her lungs and heart were not damaged. However, the impact of the accident was so great that the spine and liver were severely damaged. The spine becomes ruptured. The muscles in the middle of the abdomen and chest are also severely damaged. Tuhina could not sleep straight. Because he still had that 3 feet iron rod in his chest. As a result, the doctors decided to operate on him lying on his back.

A 14-member medical team was formed under the leadership of Shuvendu Shekhar Mohapatra, a doctor in the cardiothoracic surgery department of the hospital. Due to heavy bleeding, it was not possible to operate on him at first. Earlier, after stabilizing her with blood, the doctors performed a final complicated operation for 5 hours and removed the iron rod and freed Tuhina from danger. However, Tuhina’s lower body still has no pain. Doctors have said that he will have to live very carefully in the future.


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