Left front Meeting | Unnecessary criticism of the grassroots government, but opposition to the center is the focus of the left this time

#Kolkata: People will not take the party that came to power with wide public opinion just for the sake of criticism. So the criticism has to be constructive, this time such a theory came up in the meeting of the Left Front. Top leaders of the CPM, Forward Bloc, RSP, CPI, etc. were present at the all-party meeting of the Left on Tuesday. The Left Front is trying to soften its tone on the state government by moving away from the way the Left Front was seen in opposition to the all-out ruling party before the vote.

Prior to the Assembly elections, the CPM and other front-runners opposed the grassroots opposition to the current state government. According to a section of the political establishment, the gains outweighed the losses. The bag has been emptied by the CPM. The result of the vote shows that the tendency to bring the BJP and the Trinamool together is not well received by the common man. In this situation, the tone of self-criticism is on the faces of the leaders of the Left Front, even if the vote is a little later. They want constructive criticism of the Trinamool government to be maintained, but the opposition to be brought to a standstill with the BJP.

Apart from this, it was decided in the meeting that the left parties of the state will also follow the path of the leftists of Delhi in case of opposition to the Center. It was decided in the meeting on Tuesday that the Left will take to the streets to protest against the increase in prices of petroleum products and daily commodities from June 24 to 30. It is noteworthy that this movement is also trying to bring the left parties outside the front in one bracket. The matter will be discussed this week. The move is significant because the Left outside the front has smaller parties like the PDS, as well as the CPI (ML). This CPI (ML) campaigned against the BJP during the Assembly polls which helped the ruling party to gather anti-BJP votes in one place. In that case, it is also an indication of a new equation in state politics.

The essence of the conversation at the Font meeting is not clear, the focus will be on the front for the time being in opposition to the Center. The issue of the governor has also come up in words. China Left Front does not support the governor’s position. When questions are raised about his neutrality, questions are also raised about his authority, the left will raise its voice against his actions. The election battle front has not been able to bring the grassroots closer, yet it cannot be said that they are closer in any way. However, after this meeting it is so clear, this time the leftists want to fix the target.

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