Mukul Roy: Quick lung transplant is very important, when will Mukul’s wife be taken to Chennai?

#Kolkata: All arrangements were ready. However, the weather in Chennai is not favorable, so it was not possible to take Mukul Roy’s wife to Chennai today. Mukul Roy’s wife’s visit to Chennai has been postponed for the time being as the weather in Chennai has not been favorable to the Kolkata Airport Authority. Mukuljaya will probably be taken to Chennai tomorrow instead of today as soon as the problem of landing an air ambulance in Chennai comes to light.

Mukul Roy’s wife was to be taken to Chennai Airport for treatment by a special ambulance at Calcutta Airport and then by air ambulance to Chennai for treatment at around 1.30 pm on Wednesday. But due to bad weather all the plans were put on hold like today. The next step will be taken keeping in view the weather situation in Chennai, hospital sources said.

Mukuljaya Krishna Roy fell seriously ill after being infected with corona. The lungs lose their function due to the attack of the virus. As a result, doctors have been thinking of Krishna Roy’s lung transplant for the past few days. The search was on for a donor. But as the physical condition gradually deteriorated, the doctors decided to speed up the transplant. But as no hospital in the state has the infrastructure for lung transplantation, plans are afoot to take Krishna Roy to Chennai.

Incidentally, Krishna Roy, who was infected with corona, was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Kolkata in a critical condition. Although he was coronary, his lungs were severely damaged. He has been kept in Ekmo support for the past few days. There was no change in the situation. Meanwhile, a team of doctors from Chennai visited him at the Apollo Hospital in Kolkata. Doctors said that he could be cured by having a lung transplant. That preparation has been going on ever since. Later today, Mukul Roy’s wife was to be flown to Chennai by air ambulance. That’s where his lung transplant is supposed to take place.


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