Neel-Trina Jamaisasthi: What’s on the first sixth menu? What gift did the son-in-law choose for the mother-in-law? Neel’s son-in-law’s ‘secret’ leaked!

#Kolkata: Neel Bhattacharya and Trina Saha are one of the best couples in the world of tele-tolly at the moment. The couple got married last February. ‘Trinil’ had a royal reception party on Valentine’s Day. This is the first son-in-law of the newly married couple this year. Don’t do it tomorrow! The first son-in-law is said to be the sixth. From mother-in-law to daughter-in-law, the tension of both sides has skyrocketed. News18 Bangla-In the telephone interview given by K, the preparation of El Neel and Trina’s son-in-law came up. The mother-in-law also leaked the secret menu of the first year son-in-law Adar. However, some surprises!

Food-savvy blue. However, even if you love to eat, the list of food preferences is very short blue. At least that is what Trina claims. The pigeon-dove couple said that everyone in Trina’s family knows very well what Neel’s favorites are. So before the sixth, no separate wish list went to the mother-in-law for food or gifts. On the contrary, in the first six months, the mother-in-law made a long list of food according to Neel’s choice.

Blue with Trina's parents ... Photo courtesy: Blue-Trina Blue with Trina’s parents …
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Trina’s mother, Sabita Saha, said the menu for her son-in-law. There is a little problem in this supermarket. But that is not to say that the first son-in-law can be ignored. So, keeping the time in hand, he started preparing a little earlier. Even if she gives the responsibility of cooking to someone else, Sabita wants to do it all by herself on this special day. Said, son-in-law Neel loves to eat castrated meat the most. Loves polao and mango chutney. Often the mother-in-law sends the chutney by hand. However, indigo has an allergy to shrimp. So its no entry in the menu of Jamaishthi. So what is Trina’s mother making?

Here is the menu / list of Jamaishthi lunch …
1) Basanti polao
2) Fish fry
3) Kalia of fish
4) Vhetki fish paturi
5) Mutton
) Mango chutney
) Rabri

However, Neel has already received the gift of son-in-law. The mother-in-law knows the choice of the son-in-law. So he gave his mobile phone to his son-in-law as an advance gift. Meanwhile, Neel bought a very beautiful sari for her mother-in-law. That is what he is going to give as a gift to his mother-in-law. “The shop is closed. So trust online. Neel said with a smile.” A light remark from behind Trina, “Of course these gifts are happening between mother-in-law and son-in-law. But no one gave me any gifts!” Neel’s gentle consolation, “Bauma Sasthi may one day be. You will get that day too.”

Photo courtesy of the moment of family reunion: Neel In the moment of family reunion
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On the other hand, Sabita Devi has kept a special gift for the sixth day. He said, “I will have some special gifts for my daughter and son-in-law.” Praising Neel, the five-faced mother-in-law said, “My son-in-law is very fond of me. He is very funny, boyish! So there will be some special ‘surprises’ for him. But the girl is not my gift either!

Shooting is starting from Wednesday after being closed for a month. So Neel has to reach the shooting on the sixth day of his son-in-law. Already that is why Nil-Trina has cut a wide pre-Jamaishthi. However, the couple will reach the grass house in Bospukur at some point on the sixth day. The mother-in-law will also be sitting on the plate arranging the way. He said, “Let the first son-in-law of their life be the sixth”!

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