Neel-Trine JamaiSashthi: Special cooking for Adar’s son-in-law Jitu Trina’s mother.

This is their first son-in-law The plan was to have a pomp like a wedding However, the work has started After overcoming the restrictions, shooting is starting again As a result, it is not possible to take leave at this time So Neel-Trina Jamai Sasthi is busy shooting on her own. Yet this day is special So Trina Saha (Neel Bhattachariya) mother Sabita Saha is making some special arrangements for her son-in-law. Talking to Trina and her mother, it was learned that plan 6 of the day of Jamaishthi However, the food will be eaten at 8 o’clock at night Besides her son-in-law, Savita Devi will also cook her daughter’s choice Savita Devi, who was busy organizing at home, and Trina on the way to the shooting all came up. News18 shared Jamaishthi’s plan 7 with Bengal

Question: Has the son-in-law been in advance? Some special plans for today?

Grass- It will be 8 at night Neel and I finished shooting barley together Mother has arranged to eat at night Mother will cook everything But sweets that love to eat indigo, such as ruby, rosemary, will be brought.

Trina’s mother (Sabita Saha) – Their shooting is at noon So you can’t come In fact, it would have been better if it was noon The mind is a little bad But what can be done I have arranged everything for the night Jitu (he calls Neel by this name) loves to eat mutton So it will be 6 With Paturi 6 I will cheat for my daughter Trina loves it very much I have made everything I will heat it up as soon as it arrives I wanted to organize Jamaishthi a little bigger But this time it is not possible I feel bad If they are good, we will be good

Defense: What is your name?

Trina’s mother (Sabita Saha) – (Laughs a little) My mother-in-law calls me Aunty In fact, it has been called Aunty from the beginning I don’t think anything of it What comes in the name is 6 He is a very good boy and Jitu’s parents are very good I take good care of my daughter I am also very calm

Q-Neel loves to eat your (Trina’s) hand cooking? What dish do you cook for indigo?

Grass- I don’t plan anything Very simple, I cook at home I made breakfast today I used to make lunch or dinner in lockdown However, eating from home often becomes more ৷ So I try to cook light Such as chicken stew, grilled fish, chicken sate6 I cook like this one day a week I also do the blue ones that I like to eat like polao, fried rice Neel likes a sweet term very much, Natrela Tart, I make that too

Question: How different is this year after marriage? The first son-in-law, the first pujo …

Grass-Look, it’s different These words are very funny and emotionally involved ৷ I have known Neel for many years But there is a lot of joy in celebrating these events together And son-in-law is special ….

Q-Shooting has started? Busy at work again If you stay at home together, you can spend some time

Grass- Had a very good time I have never spent so much time together before We went for a walk together But going for a walk and having a husband and wife together is completely different I have gone through many steps in my blue life Once a good friend, then love, then separation, now husband and wife So we have a lot of experience It is also a new time to recognize a new relationship

Question: How do you spend your time after being out of the house for a long time for work?

Grass- I try very hard to finish work and have dinner together at night Sitting down to eat a lot of talk, the story is I also meet when I have time in between work

Question: The son-in-law is 6 There is one concept of Bauma Sasthi Any plans for that?

Grass- (Laughter) No, I don’t believe in all such concepts Bauma Sasthi is 7 every day And my mother-in-law always took great care of me So there is no need to separate 6

Q: How much has this city changed for you? Because I grew up in this city Then now the popular face 6 As soon as you go out on the street, the crowd freezes

Grass- Now wearing a mask, not everyone can recognize it, I can avoid it a little … but the city has changed a lot in the last 2 years. Now the city is much greener People don’t come out very much without work As a result, the number of cars on the road has decreased It’s just that a lot of people have suffered a lot I will say that this time nature is taking revenge So before doing anything, we have to take steps keeping in mind these one and a half to two years

Question: What is the similarity of grass with humming?

Grass- I have passed the age of Gungun সেটা But yes, there seems to be a humming in all the girls The girls are a little arrogant, they are also stubborn So many people will find their similarity with Gungun 6 That’s why humming is so popular I also get some similarities

Question: At the end of all, let’s talk about your series When will courtesy and humming acknowledge your love?

Grass- (Laughs a lot) That’s the only line you can say

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