Shovonkeo added his own name, the new ‘innings’ began Baishakhi!

Kolkata: The two have been complementary for the past few years. They could not be seen separately in public. They are always in pairs. This time the ‘new’ life of Shovon Chattopadhyay and Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay started. At least Facebook is saying so. This time, Boishakhi also added Shovon’s name on her Facebook profile. As a result, the new name of the profile is ‘Baisakhi Sovan Banerjee’. Usually, many people add their husband’s name to their profile. But why did Baishakhi? Shovon’s special girlfriend claims that the two have opened a ‘joint’ profile with the permission of the former mayor of Kolkata.

Shovon-Baishakhi recently visited Perth Chatterjee’s house. For very natural reasons, the speculation of ‘Kanan’s’ return to the grassroots has resurfaced. In this situation, adding Shovon’s name to Baishakhi’s Facebook profile increased the curiosity of the people about them. A few days ago, Boishakhi went live with Shovon Chatterjee from her Facebook profile. And from that Facebook live, Shovon made several serious allegations against his wife Ratna Chatterjee. Baishakhi also accompanied him.

Their Facebook Live responded to them. Then again they targeted Ratna in a video message. Claiming to have got some pictures from the violin, Shovan Chatterjee took Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay by the side and claimed, ‘Ratna Chatterjee is an adulterous woman. And I walked the path of divorce because of this behavior of his. ‘ But why adulterous gems? The former mayor of Kolkata claimed, ‘I went on the path of divorce as soon as I came to know about the relationship of another young man with Ratna Chatterjee. I know that decision was right. ‘

This is that profile This is that profile

However, Ratna has already dispelled all the allegations of Shovon-Baishakhi. He complained, ‘The picture of my sitting with the team staff says extramarital affair. Come to the violin area and show those pictures and ask someone, everyone will tell you who they are. In fact, Shovon-Baishakhi is openly making love, seeing that the people of Bengal and the people of Behala are condemning them, they are playing another trick. But Ratna Chatterjee cannot be stopped, I will now rise to the top. And they are down. ‘ Ratna has even mocked the speculation of Shovon returning to the grassroots. He said, ‘Before the vote, they have condemned Mamata Banerjee in the name of Abhishek Banerjee, and now they are running here and there to give oil. However, Mamata Abhishek does not seem to forget everything so soon. In such an atmosphere, Baishakhi made a noise again on her Facebook profile with Shovon’s name.

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