Amit Shah’s ministry responds to Mukul’s plea, ‘Chanakya’ on state security

#Kolkata: The state government has given Z category security to Mukul Roy after he returned home. Mukul’s son Shuvrangshu is also expected to be given Y Plus category security. After leaving the BJP and returning to the grassroots, Mukul Roy started the second innings and sent a letter to the Home Ministry asking them to leave the central security. Amit Shah’s ministry has responded to that request. The Union Home Ministry has directed the CRPF to withdraw his security on the basis of an application by the MLA of Krishnanagar North Assembly constituency.

After coming to power for the third time in Bengal, Mukul Roy started a new innings of Trinamool. Mamata Banerjee not only drew him close, but also made it clear that the ‘son of the house’ Mukul is as essential as ever. Mamata had the motto of pulling Mukul into the team, Old is Gold. Mukul, on the other hand, has also left his son BJP, explaining that he is Gary Sobers of politics, who is never irrelevant.

Mukul Roy has been using state security since the day after the Trinamool joined. However, it has not yet been officially announced that he will be given the Z category. Although Mukul’s house in Kanchrapara or his flat in Salt Lake had so far been occupied by the Central Jawans. Earlier, Mukul Roy himself had said that he would leave the central security, but it was learned that the central forces in charge of his security had not given any instructions so far. Mukul’s son Shuvrangshu also said that he had been given a letter to leave the central forces. His safety was finally revoked today.

Meanwhile, an air ambulance finally left for Chennai with Mukul Roy’s wife Krishna Roy. This morning a special ambulance left Apollo Hospital through the Green Corridor for Calcutta Airport. The ambulance arrives at the airport at 8:50 am. At 8:21 a.m., an air ambulance left for Chennai. In addition to Mukul Roy’s wife, he went to Chennai with seven members of the medical board, including a doctor. Mukul Roy’s son Shuvrangshu Roy himself is in Chennai.

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