Caller impersonating Prashant Kishor | Fake call to the top leaders of the Congress in the guise of a peaceful teenager in Punjab! New game to break the team!

#Ludhiana: Congress leaders are being slandered by Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh by making fake phone calls in the name of voter Prashant Kishore. An FIR has been lodged in Punjab against some unidentified persons on this charge. According to police sources, the accused have been calling several top Punjab leaders and people’s representatives repeatedly for the past five to seven days. They are introducing themselves as peaceful teenagers. These leaders are being incited to slander Amarinder Singh directly in public.

This fake caller tells the Punjabi Congress leaders that it is his responsibility to convey their message to Delhi if they openly oppose Amarinder Singh. In other words, the message is being given in such a way that Prashant Kishore himself wants such a contradiction in Delhi. If necessary, he will convey that with responsibility. Needless to say, Prashant Kishore has nothing to do with this incident.

According to news agency ANI, Punjab Police has already started investigation against the accused under sections 417, 419, 420, 109, 120B and section 6D of the IT Act.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu have been at loggerheads for several days now. But the Punjab Congress has already formed a three-member panel to stop this dilemma. They reported directly to Sonia Gandhi. The committee consists of Mallikarjun Kharge, Harish Rawat and JP Agarwal. It is believed that someone is carrying out provocative activities with the opportunity of this duality.

Note that in 2016, Prashant Kishore was also the Congress election strategist in Punjab. In March this year, he was made Amarinder Singh’s chief adviser. There is speculation. Pacific teens can play an important role in providing voting tickets. Although Amarinder Singh’s claim is that Prashant Kishore’s role is merely that of a mentor.

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