CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021: How to evaluate 12th class students? CBSE clarified in the apex court

#NewDelhi: Multiple tests have been canceled due to the outbreak of the second wave of coronavirus. It was also decided to cancel the CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2021. Due to which the students were in trouble. Doubts were raised about the basis on which the numbers would be evaluated. Finally, on behalf of the Central Board, the Supreme Court was informed that the students of class XII will be evaluated based on the results of the previous three classes. The CBSE has informed the Supreme Court that the Class Twelfth examination can be evaluated on the basis of the results of the pre-board examinations of Class Ten, Eleven and Class Twelve. Numbers will be given in class XII.

In this case, out of the five papers of class X and XI, the candidates who got the highest marks in the three papers will be considered as the number three papers. Twelfth class unit test, term test and practical test numbers will be seen. The Supreme Court has been told by CBSE that the twelfth grade board can be evaluated on the basis of 30 per cent marks in class X, 30 per cent marks in class XI and 40 per cent marks in class XII. .

How will the assessment? 1. The best three will be chosen out of 5 subjects in 10th class. 30 percent marks will be given on the basis of the average of that best of three. 2) In the same way in case of class XI also 30 percent marks will be given by getting the best of three. 3) Twelfth class unit test, term test and practical test results will be averaged out. The remaining 40 percent marks will be given on the basis of that average. 4) Every school should form a result committee with teachers. The task of that committee will be to find out the ‘Best of Three’. 5) The committee has 12 members, including Bipin Kumar, a joint secretary in the education ministry and a senior IAS officer. 6) The moderation committee of CBSE and ICSE can change the decision of the school results committee. 6) This moderation committee will monitor the marking system of different schools. This committee will ensure that all students are evaluated equally. 6) In the case of results, the past performance of the school will also be important.

CBSE also issued a notification in this regard on June 4. While issuing the notification, CBSE Controller of Examinations Sanyam Bharadwaj said that the 12-member committee would decide on the improvement of students and preparation of their marksheets. Due to the increase in covid infection, the 12th board exam was officially canceled on June 1

On behalf of the CBSE, Attorney General KK Venugopal has informed the Supreme Court that the final results will be released by July 31. However, if a student is not satisfied with the result, he can apply for the test later. Incidentally, the state’s 2021 secondary and higher secondary examinations have also been canceled due to Corona Virus. The state government is also expected to announce this week how the secondary-higher secondary assessment will be conducted. Now it remains to be seen whether the state boards and councils will follow the path of CBSE.

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