Mukul Roy | The first tweet after joining Trinamool was written by Mukul Roy about Mamata Banerjee …

#Kolkata: This is the first time Mukul Roy has been active on Twitter since joining the Trinamool. He was seen praising Mamata Banerjee’s Krishakbandhu project.

Mamata Banerjee has increased the allowance of the Krishak Budhu project to keep her election promise. Farmers who used to get Rs 5,000 per annum for this project will now get Rs 10,000 per annum from there. Mukul Roy was seen praising the decision of the Trinamool government. He wrote on Twitter that under the unparalleled leadership of Mamata Banerjee, the West Bengal government brought the Krishakbandhu project to the forefront. The amount of annual allowance has been doubled in this project. This announcement of the West Bengal government for the welfare of the farmers is in fact a shock.

It does not matter who Bamun’s father is, so while all other leaders were active on Twitter while in the BJP, Mukul Roy did not show much activity on social media. Because what he used to play is called mind game in political terms. Used to create strategy. Although the allegations lasted for several months, the BJP did not employ him. That is why Chanakya is back in the grassroots

Meanwhile, the Trinamool has again decided to use social media to promote the party. Today, the young grassroots have started making new Twitter handles. Ghasful Shibir has emphasized on social media to increase the organization in Vinh state. Separate Twitter accounts have been opened by the party for several states, including Assam, Tripura and Manipur. Why one journey in this situation will be a different result! So this time Mukul Roy was seen to be active in the digital world as well. Joining the grassroots, he first posted praising Mamata Banerjee’s government’s farmer friend scheme. Netizens will be on the lookout for him on Twitter the next day.

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