Pocket Ventilator: Kolkata Scientist Reaches Possible Respiratory Problems

#Kolkata: As soon as the second wave of Corona hit, the people of the country were shocked. Many people have lost their lives due to lack of oxygen, many people have had to fight. Ramendralal Mukherjee, a scientist from Calcutta, did the impossible by remembering that terrible time. Ramendralal has built a battery powered pocket ventilator. Data says that any person of any age can use this ventilator if they have breathing problems. This ventilator can be charged with a mobile charger. The weight of the ventilator is only two hundred and fifty grams. Once charged, there will be a minimum charge of 8 hours.

Ramendralal Mukherjee is an engineer by profession. Explaining the hand-made device to news agency ANI, he said that this special device has two parts. On one side there is a power unit, on the other side there is a ventilator unit, with a mouthpiece attached. When the power button of the device is turned on, the ventilator starts collecting air from outside. The air is purified as soon as this air is sent into an ultraviolet chamber. The patient can collect pure oxygen from here by placing the mouth on the mouthpiece.

According to Ramendrababu, if a person with corona wants to, he can use this ventilator to get fresh air and meet the oxygen deficiency.

Seeing the shortage of oxygen in the country, I thought of making this ventilator, said Ramendranlal. He was infected with corona. After recovering from the disease, he focused on making this ventilator. For twenty days he forgot about Nawakhawa and continued to make this instrument.

According to him, not only corona, but also patients with asthma can use the ventilator. He claims many US agencies are contacting him for this pocket ventilator. Note that there are already thirty patents in the name of Ramendra Mukherjee. He is naturally convinced of this new discovery.

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