Ropeway in Kolkata: Ropeway to be launched in Kolkata! The state has unimaginable plans to avoid pollution and traffic jams

#Kolkata: There are plans to launch ropeways and monorails in the coming days for places in Kolkata where the metro does not reach. This was stated by Firhad Hakim on Wednesday. Needless to say, this idea of ​​the state government is a great relief for the people of Kolkata who are overwhelmed by traffic jams during busy times. Transport Minister Firhad Hakim said a proposal had already been made to the World Bank. Apart from that, the banks of the Ganges are also being streamlined and proper arrangements are being made for transportation in the Ganges.

When Mamata Banerjee came to power in 2011, she said she wanted to build a pollution-free Kolkata. It is said that this ropeway monorail idea of ​​the transport department is the fruit of his thinking. In a word, the state transport department wants to speed up public transport.

However, the process of launching the ropeway in Kolkata has been going on for more than five years. Firhad Hakim himself gave the first concession to the project at a meeting of the state government in March 2015. It was then decided that the ropeway would run over two routes. The manufacturer was instructed to launch the project at that time. But despite the initial approval, the tender was not sought due to lack of clearance. The state said it was taking a long time to judge the security implications of the project.

The two ropeway routes initially mentioned were Fairley Place from Sealdah and Nabanna from Howrah. An estimate of the cost was also made at that time. It was seen that it would cost twenty crore rupees to build the road per kilometer. Needless to say, it is much more expensive than any other public transport system.

If the state government can build ropeways and monorail services in the coming days, it will be a big step towards avoiding pollution, Kolkata will have a special place in the world passenger transport map.

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