Shalimar work limited Shipyard | The 153-year-old shipwreck will have to be revived in the state of Namal

#Kolkata: The state government is gearing up for the revival of Shalimar Works Ltd., a shipbuilding and repairing factory. The 135-year-old factory has been short of work for decades. Attempts to change this situation have started at the initiative of the Ministry of Transport. Firhad Hakim has already visited the factory. The state has also made several plans to restore the Howrah factory to its previous condition.

Ships and vessels are made in this factory of the state transport department. The Indian Navy used to take most of the ships built in this factory. But over the past few years the factory has lacked adequate quotas. This time the office of the enterprising Firhad Hakim is to solve this problem. On Tuesday, he visited Shalimar Works Limited, and then the action began.

The factory now has several small launches. According to sources, the state transport corporation will repair the launches and install air-conditioners in them and arrange for pleasure trips. On the one hand, just as the launches will be used, the income of the transport corporation will increase. The state tourism department has already been asked for necessary help in this regard.

Note that the state government, with the help of the World Bank, has made arrangements to streamline water transport in our state. Successful water transport will require more modern, safer vessels in the future. The state government wants to cite Shalimar Works for construction and maintenance of the vessel. Young IAS Rajnabir Kapoor has been given the additional responsibility of chairman of the factory to look after the whole matter.

The state government wants to use Shalimar Works to take advantage of the popularity of the Ganga River, which was started by the State Transport Corporation, even though it has been stalled for the last one year.

Soumitra Chatterjee, one of the officials of Shalimar Works Limited, told us that this factory was built in 185. The factory was built by a company called Tanner-Morrison Limited. Exactly 95 years later, in 1970, the factory was acquired by the West Bengal government. So far 800 ships have been supplied to the Indian Navy from this factory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also used the ship built here three years ago.

According to the state plan, tug boats will be built at Shalimar Workers Limited to haul large vessels for passenger and cargo vessels, barges and ports.

In the words of Firhad Hakim, “Shalimar Works Ltd. will stand on its own two feet when it gets a new job. Many vessels of the State Transport Department now have to rely on many contractors or private companies for repairs. All that work can be done here this time. Shalimar Workers can work.

Sources said that an attempt is being made to build a dry dock at Shalimar Workers Limited with the help of experts and companies. This dry dock is usually built in the area adjacent to the river, where the ship is built or repaired and then artificially injected with water to send the ship to the river.

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