Sudip Roy Barman: When Sudip goes to the grassroots, the ‘game’ is over in Tripura? The BJP is trying its best to prevent the rupture

#Tripura: For the third time, Bangla victory has been completed, this time Delhi victory is the goal. And that is the source of Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee’s eye on the 2024 Lok Sabha vote. To that end, the Trinamool Congress is moving to increase its organizational strength in multiple states. Mukul Roy has already left the BJP and returned to the party. And in Tripura, the ruling party of the state is using that bud to reorganize. This has shaken the central leadership of the BJP. The Gerua camp has already started preparations to prevent the collapse of Tripura like in Bengal. Modi-Amit Shahra are worried about Tripura BJP’s ‘opposition group’ leader Sudip Rayavarman. So the BJP has decided to tidy the house to deal with Sudip. Because with Sudip’s hand, there is a danger of a big split in the Tripura BJP. And to stop it, the central BJP leadership has suddenly become active in Tripura.

The Trinamool is already strengthening its organization in Tripura. In this situation, Central BJP leader BL Santosh suddenly appeared in Agartala on Wednesday. Central Organizing General Secretary BL Santosh had a meeting with the BJP leadership throughout the day. He held a meeting with 8 MLAs who are against Biplob Dev. Significantly, Sudip Rayavarman was also present at that meeting.

Abhishek Banerjee and Mukul Rayra were the first to target Tripura to spread the team abroad. The Trinamool Congress had entered this state ruled by Biplob Dev long ago. Mukul Roy was the mastermind of that work. He also had six Trinamool MLAs in Tripura. But after Mukul Roy joined the BJP, those 7 MLAs left for the BJP. Since then, Tripura has become virtually grassless. But this time the ‘game’ is about to start again in Tripura. Courtesy of those buds.

In Tripura, Sudip’s clash with Chief Minister Biplob Deb is well known. Rumors are circulating that Sudip may leave the BJP with at least 14 MLAs. And that fear has taken the BJP by storm. There is no doubt that Sudip’s destination will be the grassroots after leaving the party with a large number of MLAs. Because before the change of party, those BJP MLAs have a meeting with the grassroots leadership in Kolkata. And after Bengal, the BJP leadership is ready to prevent a catastrophe in Tripura.

A new song has already been brought to Tripura by the Trinamool Congress. The name of the song is, ‘Tripura Kaitase, Mamtadi Aitase.’ The song has already taken social media by storm. The song mainly deals with various grassroots projects in this grassroots state.

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