The BJP’s efforts to tidy up the house in Tripura, the laughter is wide grassroots

#Kolkata: BJP central leaders appeared in Tripura overnight. BL Santosh has held a marathon meeting with the agitated leaders. And that is why the grassroots are laughing. Ghasful Shibir has started saying that BJP is suffering from existential crisis.

Today, Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy said in this context, they are worried about Tripura. We’re not just going to take the MLA. We had a mass base.

It is to be noted that the struggle of the lobby within the BJP in Tripura is clear. Sudip Rayavarman, once the head of the anti-Biplob Deb camp, went to Delhi but did not meet the central leaders. But today the central leaders are asking for time from them. Sukhendu scoffs at the issue and says that those who are against the revolution are There was a meeting with them. In fact, they are in disarray.

On the same day, the team made a separate tweet handle for Tripura. Sukhendushekhar is not keeping any cover to announce the plan. He clearly says that we will expand our organization outside Bengal. I have seen enthusiasm for Tripura. Our team will decide.

Without any cover, it can be said that Mukul Roy is the main thorn in the side of BJP in Tripura. Because Sudip Roy Barman is his disciple. Mukul, who went to Sudip’s BJP, held Roy’s hand. Today, when Mukul left Geruya’s company, the question of whether Sudip will follow that path is revolving in the political arena. Besides, there are indications that the Trinamool is also in touch with BJP leaders in Tripura.

Shuvendu Adhikari went to the assembly today to hand over a letter to the principal seeking dismissal of Mukul Roy’s MLA post. Sukhendu opened his mouth in this context today. He said, “He is the Leader of the Opposition. You can give a letter. The Speaker will see. But the question is morality. Let him clear the riddle with his parents. He also resigned suddenly.

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