The owners should be allowed to enter the gym only after taking the first dose of the vaccine, News18 Bangla

Kolkata: Jim 8 is one of the worst businesses in Corona Superior The city’s gyms were closed for a long time last year due to a lockdown Although it was opened later, it was closed again this year due to the second wave of Kovid The owners of all the gyms in the city, big and small, are facing huge losses as the gyms are closed day after day. Many small gyms are almost closed So if a coroner’s vaccine certificate can be found in a city park, why not in a gym? Allow access to the gym by showing at least one vaccine certificate. A section of the city’s gym owners is writing a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee demanding this.

Some of the gym owners claim that all the gyms have been closed since last year due to the increase in infections The condition of the people involved in the gym is very bad Smaller gyms are almost closed So where many other things are allowed to open Let the Geo be allowed to open there A letter has been sent to the Chief Minister on behalf of Jim Owners of West Bengal

According to the gym owners, the gyms were opened last year in compliance with all restrictions If necessary, the AC of the gym will be turned off The gyms are being sanitized well enough It is also good for the health of the people if they are allowed to exercise according to the distance rules Many people will benefit from opening a gym with restrictions

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