What do I do if the eyes are blind? Mamata targets ‘BJP’s Lok Governor’

#Kolkata: Democracy in Bengal is suffocating, political violence is on the rise, and Mamata Banerjee is not serving as the Chief Minister – a couple of days ago, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar went to the capital Delhi with such a harsh letter to the Chief Minister. The governor also met President Ramnath Kobind on Thursday after meeting one Union Minister after another, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission. According to sources, he will also meet Amit Shah this evening. Although there is speculation about the Governor’s visit to Delhi, the political circles are sure of one thing, this visit to Dhankhar is to further complicate the government of Bengal. And in that context, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took the form of Rudramurti. “I have no reaction to the governor,” Mamata told a news conference in Navanna. If you have a child, you can be silenced. ‘

After that, the Chief Minister added, ‘I have written to the Prime Minister two or three times to take him (the Governor) back. But got no answer. When I was hired, I was not even informed. He is their man. ‘

Incidentally, Trinamool MPs also approached the President to demand the removal of the Governor. The Governor has repeatedly pierced Mamata by raising the issue of political violence in Bengal. The Chief Minister also raised that issue on this day. Said, ‘Do you see any picture of violence in the state? Now what will I say if there is naba in someone’s eyes.

On the occasion of the arrival of various central agencies in the state, the Chief Minister has taken the path of mocking the BJP. Said, ‘Anyone can go to any state. But they should have gone to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh a little more. There is no violence here. In one or two cases, what is happening is family violence. Moreover, it is the violence of the BJP.

Mamata has recently accused the BJP of conspiring to divide Bengal. The Chief Minister also alleged that a conspiracy was being hatched to turn North Bengal into a Union Territory. Even today, in a tone of challenge to the BJP, Mamata said, ‘Anyone who comes to share Bengal will understand the unity of Bengal. We will not allow the partition of Bengal. BJP will talk about China and China will play China! ‘

However, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has slammed Mamata’s attack. In his words, ‘the governor is the representative of the center. He must go to Delhi. Who he will meet with is also his subject. The Trinamool is having a hard time seeing the governor now.

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