You are suing, where is the work? High Commission Cannon Child Rights Protection Commission

#Kolkata: The State Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child. Acting Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court Rajesh Bindal reprimanded the commission. The High Court on Wednesday questioned the Child Rights Protection Commission. Children under the age of 12 are in crisis in the state due to the irresponsible role of the Election Commission. The 55-day campaign in the polls has increased the Corona infection. Children have been affected. Therefore, the chairperson of the State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights filed a public interest lawsuit seeking compensation from the Election Commission. The case comes up for hearing on Wednesday. During the hearing, the Acting Chief Justice of the Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child repeatedly questioned, “Your allegations are that the children of this state have been affected by the Corona because of the election. But where there was no vote, what is the cause of this misery of children?”

“What did you do for the children of the state during this Corona atrocity? There is no reflection of your work on your website. Why did you suddenly get involved in this matter?”

The division bench then further asked, “In the case pending in the Supreme Court regarding the condition of children in Corona, you were the only one who did not upload any information on the website on how much the child was harmed. Were you asleep then?”

In the face of the sharp question of the High Court, the situation of the lawyer of the Child Rights Commission was practically lost. At this time, when the lawyer of the Election Commission went to say something, the acting Chief Justice Bindal stopped him and said, “The case commission should answer our questions, we will get them and then we will know the statement of the Election Commission.”

However, the hearing of the case remained unfinished on that day. In the two months before the announcement of the Assembly vote in the new English year, 419 children in the state were infected with corona. From the announcement of the vote to the filing of the case, that number has reached close to 21,000. A public interest litigation was filed for Corona seeking compensation from the commission for the child’s death, abnormality and orphanage. However, the court did not take the petition of the Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child well. According to the website of the Child Rights Protection Commission, the last hearing took place in 2016. Some such information may have forced the court to be strict. This will be clear in the next hearing.

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