BJP MPs plot to destabilize North Bengal from abroad, alleges TMC

#Kolkata: Repetition around North Bengal? The BJP has in the past joined hands with Bimal Gurung, who had earlier voiced his demand for a separate Gorkhaland. That Bimal is now a grassroots ally. The demand for a separate Kamatapuri state has also arisen in North Bengal. But that movement is now almost dull. But after losing the assembly polls, BJP MP John Barla has demanded that the whole of North Bengal be declared a separate state. The BJP MP from Alipurduar said he would make the demand as soon as Parliament convenes. And this issue has been voiced by Mamata Banerjee and other grassroots leaders. They allege that a plot is being hatched to spread unrest by demanding a separate North Bengal from a secret camp abroad.

John Barla recently gave an interview to a local Nepali language news portal. There he demanded that North Bengal be made a separate state. He also cited the repeal of Article 370 in Kashmir and the recognition of Ladakh as a separate Union Territory. In his words, ‘South Bengal has always neglected North Bengal The revenue here has gone to South Bengal But the people of North Bengal do not get any development. That is why I want the status of a separate state of North Bengal I believe that then the people here will be happy and there will be real development. ‘ Mamata Banerjee set the tone as soon as the matter came to light. He said, ‘I will not allow the partition of Bengal again What does Union Territory mean? Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Siliguri will sell the land? Will you oppose China with your mouth and will you really strengthen China’s hand? ‘

And the rest of the grassroots leaders have also taken to the stage since Friday. Trinamool general secretary Perth Chatterjee wrote on Twitter, “No poison of violence will be tolerated in Bengal, let the BJP know.” Actress Sayantika, who contested for the Trinamool Congress in the Assembly polls, wrote, ‘We will not accept the seeds of BJP’s division in Bengal. I strongly condemn such irresponsible remarks by BJP MP John Barler. Trinamool has also started campaigning under the hashtag #BengalStandsUnited.

However, the BJP is a little uneasy with John Barla’s remarks. After losing the election, BJP is now trying to divide Bengal, this allegation is also coming up. In that context, state BJP leader Sayantan Basu said, “Has the BJP ever said that it will make a separate state if it wins the elections?” It’s like MPs’ personal. Not the team. However, it cannot be said that North Bengal is neglected. However, the BJP leadership did not say whether any action would be taken against the party MPs for making such a demand.

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