Father donates body of only child to die in Corona

#Kolkata: Saikat Pal, 41, a resident of Rathtala, Padmapukur, Bhatpara, North 24 Parganas. Novell contracted the corona virus and was admitted to Charnak Hospital near Calcutta Airport as his condition deteriorated. After being treated there for 21 days, his condition became critical and he was shifted to Taliganj MR Bangur Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. The beach sail died there at 10.30 pm.

Even with a lot of grief, Saroj Pal, the father of the beach, contacted the ‘Ganadarpan’, an organization that has been campaigning for the donation of dead bodies to the hospital from the very beginning. Ganadarpan quickly contacted Arjikar Medical College Hospital in Belgachhi. The beach body was donated to Arjikar Hospital for autopsy. His body is kept in the morgue of the hospital.

Doctors from the forensic medicine department conducted a pathological autopsy on the beach on Thursday afternoon.

Shyamal Chattopadhyay, on behalf of Ganadarpan Sangstha, said, “Anyone who loses a son or a house is all but the example set by Saroj Pal, a resident of Bhatpara, will really mark a milestone for the body donation movement. Our organization has been demanding autopsy of the body for a long time after the death of Corona. Finally, the first diagnostic autopsy was done on the body of Braj Roy Karna, a pioneer of the autopsy movement, who died after being attacked. It was seen that not only the lungs but also the kidneys were infected due to corona. An autopsy was then carried out on the bodies of 6 more Corona corpses at this Arjikar hospital. Besides, autopsy was also done at SKM Hospital. Why not just do it, I am demanding autopsy of the body of the deceased who is suffering from various complex diseases.

On the other hand, Somnath Das, chief physician of the forensic medicine department of RGK Medical College Hospital, said that a post-mortem examination will be conducted in a special manner. Dr. Somnath Das added, ‘I have never seen such a body donation. Undoubtedly this decision was very difficult to make, but there is no language to thank Saratbabu for the decision he has made as a father. I hope people will donate more bodies in the interest of medical science in the coming days.

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